My story

I am an MND survivor. Yes, a survivor and not a sufferer of this rare terminal disease which causes progressive disability. I use a voice recognition system on a laptop to bring these words to you, because I am wheelchair-bound and cannot use my hands, arms, legs or feet.

Understandably this disease has taken a lot from me and what I use to call “dear things”. In another life I was chasing things that offered false security, but God has given me so much! He is using this disease in my daily journey with Him to teach me His way of living. I won’t exchange any amount of physical healing for spiritual growth gained.

I have come to realize that life is a precious gift of which I am neither the creator nor the keeper. I am merely the receiver. God is the sovereign Author of my life story and His Word is the all-sufficient manual containing everything I need to live a godly life! One of my favorite quotes is that of Maude Rayden —

“When you have nothing left but God, then for the first time you become aware that God is enough”

My travel with the Lord has been the hardest thing I have ever done. It is a daily journey of self-sacrifice and re-commit. Sometimes it can lacerate your body and tear your heart out! The Lord warned us that it won’t be easy, but He also promised us His grace! I can honestly say that it is not a way of ease and comfort, but I believe at the end of the day this way, His way, is the only way that leads to true healing, peace, joy, victory and eternal riches! It’s been worth it every step of the way!

May I also say this journey would be impossible without the help of the wonderful people in my life, such as my husband, kids, family and friends!

I can’t remember where I first got hold of this prayer, but it’s become my life’s prayer ever since –

“When I stand at the judgment seat of Christ…and He shows me His plan for me, the plan of my life as it might have been. And I see how I blocked Him here and checked Him there and would not yield my will. Will there be grief in my Savior’s eyes? Grief, though He loves me still. You see, He would have me rich, but I stand there poor, stripped of all but His grace, while memory runs like a haunted thing down a path I can’t retrace. And then my desolate heart will well-nigh break with tears I cannot shed. I will cover my face with my empty hands. I will bow my uncrowned head…O Lord of the years that are left to me, I give them to Thy hand. Take me, break me, mold me to the pattern that Thou has planned.”

Prisca’s story

Prisca worked for my friend Hannie Joubert for 10 years. When things really became difficult with my disability my friend said Prisca could come work for me. She’s been a part of my life and family ever since! I always say my friend must really love me to give me someone as special as Prisca! She is a real angel who demonstrates God’s love in such a personal way! She is an example to me of how to serve others daily! All the delicious treats you have been enjoying from Prisca’s kitchen is her handiwork!

The kitchen’s story

Prisca’s kitchen is a testimony that God truly meets us where we are! Once He met me on an isolated road of self-pity and despair where disability was my obstacle and the disease my excuse. He gave me a dream and made me part of a vision! My obstacle became my opportunity! If God can use me He can use anybody!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. You are an inspiration to me as a fellow MND survivor, not a sufferer (I adpoted this today after reading your blog)

  2. You are so beautiful Gerdal. As mother Theresa said, we are all pencils in Gods hands. Gerda you are surely one of his favourite pencils. Ps. I too will from this day on refer to my mom Marietjie Jooste as a MND survivor. Thank you for that. (Yvette)

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